The Power of Trauma:: Ute lawrence

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The Power of One: Reclaiming Life After Trauma

"It was a strange fog, extremely dense from the east. The pile-up involved 87 vehicles, including a dozen tractor-trailers, in a line of wreckage that stretched for 2 kilometres along the highway. At its centre, 15 cars and 5 tractor-trailers collided before being consumed in flames. Many of the victims, still trapped in their twisted vehicles, made desperate, dying please as their cars caught fire."

In the blink of an eye on that fateful day in September 1999, Ute Lawrence’s life was changed forever. After staring death in the face as a passenger of one of those 87 vehicles, Ute spent months battling the haunting memories of that tragic day. Her intense struggle with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and the lack of helpful and compassionate guidance and information has inspired Ute to share her experience and her powerful healing journey.

In this gripping and inspirational keynote Ute shares her personal struggle and how she has developed a profound new perspective on life that has actually empowered her. Ute uses her captivating story to help individuals move from their own paralyzing experience through a pilgrimage of self-discovery and find a life filled with light when struggling through the darkness of despair.

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