The Power of Trauma:: Ute lawrence

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Book Reviews

Sacramento / San Francisco Book Review
Heidi Komlofske
December 20, 2009

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is usually associated with soldiers in war-time or civilian law enforcement during major disasters (9/11). But PTSD also affects civilians who have experienced major loss, accidents, abuse, or other trauma, and, often, those people don't have access to the same support networks and professionals that exist for the groups traditionally exposed to the events that might trigger PTSD. In 1999, Ute Lawrence and her husband were caught in a eighty-seven car accident—the worst accident in Canadian history. Trapped in their car, surrounded by, and under, other cars and trucks, the Lawrence's owed their lives to a young girl trapped in the car next to them who was yelling for help. While the girl, her father, and brother died, Ute and her husband escaped their car with the help of a stranger who broke through their windshield and pulled them to safety.


ForeWord Reviews

ForeWord Clarion Review
Four Stars (out of Five)
Robin Farrell Edmunds
November 12, 2009

On the Friday before Labor Day in 1999, Ute Lawrence and her husband Stan were headed to a business meeting in Michigan, traveling down one of Canada’s busiest multi-lane highways. They never made it. They were at ground zero of an eighty-seven-vehicle pile-up, an inferno of heat and flames that would become the worst accident in Canadian history. Dense fog was blamed for the eight deaths and forty-five injuries. Physically, the couple walked away with just a few scratches. Mentally, Lawrence was changed forever. This is the story of her search for the truth about the changes in her behavior following the accident, her realization that she was suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and how she’s succeeded in overcoming it.


"The Power of Trauma" is an important book for anyone dealing with trauma in their own lives, as a loved one, or as a professional. The insights are unique, powerful, and healing!"

Jonathan Ellerby PhD
Author of "Return to the Sacred: Ancient Pathways to Spiritual Awakening"

"I have not read a book in years with such an immediacy of application. The Power of Trauma presents an ability to integrate, in a simple and direct approach, an astonishing look at the grey matter in our head in a way that can be quickly read, understood, internalized, and immediately related to everyday pressures that effect us all."

D.J. Williams
Director of Client Services
Clear Channel Creative Services Group

“This book will touch and inspire thousands of people all over the world - both those who have suffered personally and those who love people who have suffered.”

Pauline Duncan-Thrasher
Communication Excellence Inc.

“You have done a wonderful thing sharing your experiences with the world. This will truly change someone’s life.”

Robin Gallardi, BScH, DDS
Dental Arts Centre

“I really enjoyed reading your book. I think it is a great contribution!”

Ruth Lanius, MD, PhD, FRCPC
Traumatic Stress Centre,
London Health Sciences Centre, London, Ontario


“I am very impressed. This is excellent … easy to read and touches the heart and soul in all the right places.”

Janet Shute
Shute Medical Clinic


“Your book gives us the impetus to summon the courage to embark on our own personal journey. I know you have helped set me on my way!”

Kathy Longo
Longo Food Services